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11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Year's End


When you hold up the mirror and reflect on this past year, what are the areas of your life that you are most proud of and what other areas still need work?  Here are 11 great questions to help you figure this out.

1. What worked in my life this past year? What did not work?

2. What brought me happiness /disappointment? 

3. Where was I successful?

4. What were my greatest challenges /lessons? 

5. What am I most proud of ? What do I most regret?

6. What attitudes and actions will I take with me into the new year? Which ones do I want to keep in this year?

7. What limiting beliefs did I shift? What negative emotions did I shift?

8. When did I follow my intuition?

9. How did I grow, improve, and expand myself?

10. How much love did I share?

11. What do I want my intention to be for 2008? 

- by Heather

Author: Guest  on Dec 09, 2008
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