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How is Self-Analysis Essential for Success in Life


If you are asked to define what success is, you will fall into great difficulty. Because success, to different people, have different connotations altogether. To the ambitious, no success is good enough, whereas to a man of unhurried temperament, withdrawn and non-energetic, satisfied as he is in his own world of ignorance, non-discontented, success hardly assumes any meaning.

But, of course, we are not talking about the second types. We shall try and relate its meaning firstly, in how committed we are to the duties and assignments that we are supposed to do, and secondly, as to how efficiently are we able to discharge those duties that will determine the levels of success that we can realistically set our goals on in the future.

So let us start at the beginning. I am a student of tenth standard. I am proficient in say, English, Physics, Math or Geography, in other words those that are subjects of my liking. And I call myself successful. But that may be only a part, because my History or Chemistry teacher may not address me as one successful enough. Agreed, no one can be good in all subjects at once, but here comes my commitment levels. Do I give enough of me towards an honest understanding of the subject? If ‘I do’ is the answer, then low marks obtained in my exams will still not tarnish my success, because that may be one subject I may not be really proficient at. At least, to that extent I have discovered myself – my ability, my inclination, my interest. Then I know what to reject or hold on to later in my life.

So the first thing here is to be able to make an honest assessment of my ability. Once I know my ability, the second essential will be to judge and compare pursuits of my likings vis-à-vis the conditions and the convenience and the resources available to me in the pursuance of my objectives. If they are conducive, good enough. And if they are not, then I must settle for the second alternative where again is the possibility that if I were to put in that little extra effort, it will in no way be anything less than the first objective.

The outer resources beside, I must also simultaneously be able to assess my own inner strength, my inner calling. Do I have the adequate qualities to make that endeavour a success unless I possess boldness, the will, the determination, and the grit, all of which go on to make my success a real success? Of course, guidance, counsel, direction and the experiences of the elders, teachers and all those who matter will be essential, but at the end of the day the final decision will have to be necessarily my own. That is where courage, self-analysis, will, determination, will stand to test.

If you do these simple exercises of self-analysis, your ability, your means to achieve your objective in life even with discouraging factors and challenges notwithstanding, the innate courage and commitment that you possess can make the skies your limit. I correct myself, limitless should be a better word. Shouldn't it? And it goes beyond definition, it is indefinable. But it never comes cheap.

All that come cheap are temporal, ephemeral, just as taught religion comes to us so cheap!

Find your own religion, find your own freedom, only then do you ever succeed. And the ultimate success in the world of spirituality is, never to be born again in this world.

Author: Guest  on Sep 25, 2008
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