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Stress Free Flying


Holiday fliers know the uneasiness of travel on some of the year\'s busiest dates. With heavy crowds, strict security restrictions and a stream of airport delays, this year is not an exception. 2007-2008 holiday seasons is looking to be even more stressful -- on both your mind and your wallet. But if you\'re braving the skies over this holiday season, a little preparation can go a long way.

Be prepared and be patient. Prepared means that you anticipate delays make sure to charge your iPod and your cell phone is not going to die because you\'re ready for an airport crisis. Bring some reading materials too.

When young children are traveling, parents need to plan so they will not get bored and throw tantrums at you. It doesn\'t have to be expensive-maybe a new coloring book and crayon. Have some snacks they are even harder to please than adults.

Of course, travel delays are best avoided before they happen. Savvy travelers can mitigate problems while making their travel plans.

Nonstop flights are a boon, because connections increase the risk of a delay. Traveling earlier in the day can also help avoid holiday disasters. If problems do arise, an early flight offers flyers a better chance to rebook on an alternate flight.

Many airlines now allow travelers to check themselves in at home via Internet and arrive with boarding pass in hand-avoiding lines. Some airlines impose baggage restrictions over the holidays, so knowing relevant limits is important.

If winter sports are part of your holiday plans, place skis, ski poles, and ice skates in checked luggage. Ski boots can travel as carry-on baggage. One key to evading holiday crowds is to travel when others aren\'t. It\'s sometimes easier said than done, but peak travel times should be avoided. And those peak times aren\'t the same everywhere.

Knowledge of security procedures can speed the system and ease your delays and frustration. The time to find out is before traveling.

o Pack valuables and fragile items, like laptops or jewelry, in your carry-on bag.

o Avoid overstuffing checked luggage, which can be more difficult and time-consuming to search.

o Try to carry fewer metallic items, including keys, coins, phones, et cetera, in your carry-on bag. Remove laptops and video cameras from their cases so they can be placed in a plastic bin for screening.

o Remove your overcoat, as well as your jacket, blazer, and suit coat. Sweaters and sweatshirts are OK if not unusually bulky.

o Consider wearing flip-flops, sandals, or other nonmetallic and easily removable footwear that won\'t raise suspicions.

If all travelers will follow these procedures then there won\'t be a hassle on flying and waiting time will lessen.

But due to weather or other issues, even the most prepared traveler may experience a holiday debacle out of his or her control. That\'s when they most need a very important travel tool -patience. You can\'t get there any faster by getting upset.

Author: Guest  on Sep 25, 2008
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